Baba Brooks UK 45 Discography
  Record Label Title Year of Release
Black Swan WI412 Jelly Beans 1964
  Black Swan WI414 Key To The City 1964
  Black Swan WI434 Spider/Melody Jamboree 1964
  Black Swan WI438 Cork Foot 1964
  Black Swan WI442 Musical Workshop 1965
  Black Swan WI444 Bus Strike 1965
  Black Swan WI447 Fly Right 1965
  Black Swan WI450 Sweet Eileen 1965
  Black Swan WI451 Ethiopia 1965
  Black Swan WI453 Take Five 1965
  Black Swan WI456 Dreadnaught 1965
  Black Swan WI466 Baby Elephant Walk 1965
Blue Beat BB 165 Country Town 1963
  Blue Beat BB 190 Musical Communion 1963
Doctor Bird DB1001 First Session 1966
  Doctor Bird DB1009 King Size 1966
  Doctor Bird DB1012 Maureen 1966
  Doctor Bird DB1024 Cocktails For Two 1966
  Doctor Bird DB1026 This Is Thunder 1966
  Doctor Bird DB1042 The Clock 1966
  Doctor Bird DB1043 Eighth Games 1966
  Doctor Bird DB1046 Jam Session 1966
  Doctor Bird DB1062 Roll Call 1966
  Doctor Bird DB1064 Party Time/Open The Door 1966
  Doctor Bird DB1065 Scratch 1966
  Doctor Bird DB1067 Musical Sermon 1966
  Doctor Bird DB1081 Faberge 1967
Gayfeet GS202 Ki Salavoca 1969
High Note HS030 Our Man Flint 1969
Island WI078 Shock Resistance/Distant Drums 1963
  Island WI096 Bank To Bank Pt 1 & 2 1963
  Island WI109 Robin Hood 1963
  Isand WI127 Three Blind Mice 1963
  Isand WI137 Portrait Of My Love 1963
  Island WI150 Catch A Fire 1964
  Island WI150 Boat Ride 1964
  Island WI177 Run Joe 1964
  Island WI229 Guns Fever 1965
  Island WI233 Independence Ska 1965
  Island WI234 Greenfields Ska 1965
  Island WI235 Duck Soup 1965
  Island WI239 Vitamin A 1965
  Island WI241 Teenage Ska 1965
  Island WI244 Lucky Seven 1965
  Island WI247 Virginia Ska


Ska Beat JB125 Watermelon Man Ska 1963
  Ska Beat JB177 Night Food Ska 1963
  Ska Beat JB185 Let Me Go 1964
  Ska Beat JB189 Doctor Dekker 1965
  Ska Beat JB191 Don De Lion 1965
  Ska Beat JB192 Pussy Cat 1965
  Ska Beat JB195 Let Me Go 1965
  Ska Beat JB217 Mattie Rag 1965
  Ska Beat JB218 Girls Town Ska 1965
  Ska Beat JB220 One Eyed Giant 1965
  Ska Beat JB268 One Eyed Giant 1967
R&B JB125 Watermelon Man Ska 1963
Rio R061 Shank I. Sheck 1965

This list was created 10th March 2007. I have listed all Baba Brooks 45's were he is given as the main artist. It does not include records were he was the backing band ie.Derrick Morgan with the Baba Brooks Band etc. Most B sides are by other artists and so have not been included. If you have any additions or corrections please let me know via E-mail

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