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After the success of Doctor Bird records Graeme Goodall the Australian recording engineer started the Pyramid record label in 1967. The name Pyramid was taken from a Jazz LP record cover of the same name. Leslie Kong, a Chinese Jamaican record producer had a label called Beverley records. He formed a partnership with Graeme Goodall to have these recordings issued in the UK on Pyramid records. Sadly, Leslie Kong died of a heart attack in 1971, he was 38 years old.

The most successful artist on the label was Desmond Dekker and the Aces. Born Desmond Adolphus Dacres desmond dekkerin Kingston, Jamaica in 1941. He began a recording career with Leslie Kong and in 1963 had a hit with Honour Your Mother and Father issued on Beverley records. The Aces were four brothers, Carl, Patrick, Clive and Barry Howard, his vocal backing group. He went on to have hits including 007 (Shanty Town) a UK top twenty hit. He soon became a favourite with the mid sixties Mod scene. He toured the UK clubs extensively and gained his Rude boy status from his many fans. Israelites (remixed by Graeme Goodall for the UK market) was to become the label's and Dekkers biggest hit in 1968, topped the UK charts in 1969 and was also a USA Top Ten Hit. He died at his home in Croydon, London in 2006.

roland alphonsoRoland Alphonso Jamaican tenor saxophonist was born in Havana, Cuba, Roland came to Jamaica at the age of two with his Jamaican mother. A leading player and founder member of the Skatalites, who made so many great 60's Ska records. He recorded with producers, Clement 'Coxone' Dodd, Duke Reid, Justin Yap, Victor Chin, Leslie Kong, and lead the Soul Brothers into Rock Steady for Coxone Dodd. His recordings with Leslie Kong were as a solo artists and with the Beverley All Stars band, members included, Gladstone Anderson piano Winston Wright organ and Hux Brown guitar. All his recordings on Pyramid are very collectable and include Song For My Father, Nothing For Nothing, Stream Of Life, Peace & Love, Goodnight My Love, El Toro and The Cat. derrick morgan

Derrick Morgan born in 1940 in Clarendon, Jamaica. His early recordings were with Duke Reid at his Treasure Isle studios. Among those hits were Don't Call Me Daddy, and Forward March. In 1961 the Leslie Kong production of Don't You Know, later renamed Housewives' Choice by a local DJ was a Jamaican hit. On the Pyramid label with Tougher Than Tough, Greedy Gal, Judge Dread In Court and Do the Beng Beng. He worked with Desmond Dekker and later had success with the skinhead anthem Moon Hop in 1969.

the maytalsThe Maytals were Frederick "Toots" Hibbert, Henry "Raleigh" Gordon and Nathaniel "Jerry" Mathias. The group was formed in 1962 and their first producer was Clement "Coxsone" Dodd at Studio One. They also recorded with Prince Buster and Bunny Lee. It was with Leslie Kong and Beverley Records that they had hits with Just Tell Me, Bim Today, Bam Tomorrow and Do The Reggay. This was the first time Reggay was mentioned in a recording; it was 1968.

Many of the records on the Pyramid label are very collectable and include: * Desmond Dekker - Foo Manchu * The Maytals - Just Tell Me * Beverley All Stars - Double Action * The Maytals - Ben Johnson Day * Roland Alphonso - Good Night My Love * Austin Faithful - Eternal Love * Roland Alphonso - The Cat * Austin Faithful - I'm In A Rocking Mood * Roland Alphonso - On The Move * Beverley All Stars - Dreadnought

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