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image of a sound system

Home made sound system at a Blues Party, speakers stacked
to the ceiling, heavy bass vibrated through the floor

dancers called out for more...

Sound Systems playing in London Clubs in the mid sixties

Duke Vin Sound
Duke Reid Trojan Sound
Count Dale Savoy Sound
Little Lee Sound
Count Suckle Sound
King Ossie Sound
Count Shelly Sound
Neville Musical Enchanter Sound

duke vin

Duke Vin ( Vincent George Forbes ) Jamaica pioneer who introduced the art of sound systems to the UK died on Saturday 3rd November 2012, 15/07/1928 - 03/11/2012

Duke Vin (And The Birth Of Ska) - trailer

Tribute Duke Vin with Count Suckle

Count Suckle

Duke Vin

Do you have photographs of 60's Sound Systems? If so please contact me they may be suitable for this page.

What is a Jamaican Sound System?

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