Action Records Singles Listing 
Act 4500 Give Me One More Chance/Get It Wilmer & The Dukes
Act 4501 Competion Ain't Nothing/Three Way Love Little Carl Carlton 
Act 4502 Dancing Man/Later For Tomorrow Ernie K. Doe
Act 4503 Grab Your Cloths/No Love At All Minnie Epperson
Act 4504 Got To Get Myself Together/Darling Depend On Me Buddy Ace
Act 4505 Oh Baby Mine/Working Your Game O.V.Wright
Act 4506 Earthquake/How Long (You Gotta Hold On) Al 'TNT' Braggs 
Act 4507 Tore Up/I Get So Tired Harmonica Fats
Act 4508 Shine It On/Thimgs Are Looking Better Vernon Garrett
Act 4509 Baby I Need Your Love/Try It Again Bobby Williams 
Act 4510 Tell Him No/Throw Away The Key Bell Brothers
Act 4511 I'll Forget About You/Be My Baby John Roberts
Act 4512 Gotta Pack My Bags/How Sweet You Are Ernie K. Doe
Act 4513 Here I Am In Love Again/I'm Tired Of You Baby Brothers Two
Act 4514 46 Brums 1 Guitar/Why Don't They Leave Us Alone Little Carl Carlton
Act 4515 People Make The World/Hard To Forget Roosevelt Grier
Act 4516 Omar Khayam/Tomorrow Rubaiyats
Act 4517 Call On You/Woodsman Chuck Trois & the Amazing Maze
Act 4518 So Anna You Love Me/Boogaloo No.3 Roy Lee Johnson
Act 4519 Young Blue Boy/You Were Meant For Me Eddie Buster Forehand
Act 4520 You Got A Deal/Say You'll Never Leave Me Alice Clarke
Act 4521 Unissued  
Act 4522 What Kind Of Lady/You're Gonna Miss Me (When I'm Gone) Dee Dee Sharp 
Act 4523 Slow Drag/So Glad I'm Yours Intruders
Act 4524 Rockin' In The Same Old Boat/Would'nt You Rather Have Me? Bobby Bland
Act 4525 Don't Make The Good Girls Go Bad/Your Love Is All I Need Della Humphrey
Act 4526 I'm A Good Man/I Like What You Do To Me Al 'TNT' Braggs
Act 4527 I Want Everyone To Know/I'm Gonna Forget About You O.V.Wright
Act 4528 Baby Whay You Want Me To Do/Part 2 Little Richard & Band
Act 4529 You're Everything/Our Love Will Grow Norman Johnson
Act 4530 Hot Tamales (parts 1 & 2) The Prime Mates
Act 4531 Save It/This Love Was Meant To Be Melvin Davis
Act 4532 Make Me Yours/What Am I Living For Z.Z.Hill
Act 4533 Ain't No Reason For Girls To Be Lonely/Part 2 Bobby Marchan
Act 4534 Stuff/You Gotta Come Through Jeanette Williams
Act 4535 Ride Your Pony/Trouble With My Lover Betty Harris 
Act 4536 Shing A Ling A Stoll/Don't Kick The Teenager Around Eddie Wilson
Act 4537 Look At Mary Wonder/Bad For Each Other Little Carl Carlton
Act 4538 Gotta Get To Know You/Baby I'm On My Way Bobby Bland
Act 4539 Baby Do The Philly Dog/Mine Exclusively Olympics
Act 4540 Don't Hurt Me No More/Get Yourself Together Al Green
Act 4541 That's In The Past/I Can't Get Over You Brenda & The Tabulations
Act 4542 Slipping Away/Half A Love Barbara Mason
Act 4543 New Love/Is There Anything Better Than Making Love? Fantastic Johnny C
Act 4544 Hideout/Jolly Loe Hideaways
Act 4545 Take It Baby/In Paradise Norman Johnson
Act 4546 He's Got A Blessing/Rock In A Weary Land Wash Hopkins Singers
Act 4547 I Surrender/I Love You Eddie Holman
Act 4548 Share Your Love With Me/Honey Child Bobby Bland
Act 4549 She Shoot A Hole In My Soul/We're Gonna Hate Ourselves In The Morning Clifford Curry
Act 4550 Black Girl/Frog Legs Clifton Chenier
Act 4551 I Can't Save It/I Can Take Are Of Myself Gene Chandler
Act 4552 I Can't Stop You/L A Stomp Performers
Act 4553 Chains Of Love/Ask Me Bout Nothing But The Blues Bobby Bland
Act 4554 Unissued  
Act 4555 Get Out On The Street/Must Be Love Eddie Wilson
Act 4556 I'll Do A Little Bit More/The Same Old Thing Olympics
Act 4557 Hound Dog/I Can Feel A Heartbreak Jeanette Williams
The label was revived in 1971and I have not included these numbers 4601 - 4624, which was the last 45 issued in April 1974.

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