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Listen to Okeh soul and you will know why it is much sort after by northern soul fans, Its 60s out put by such artists as  Major Lance Billy Butler, Artistics, Vibrations, Walter Jackson, Johnny 'Guitar' Watson, Larry Williams and the Opals, are all collectors items.

okeh 45 record

Okeh records was started in the U.S.A. in 1918, it was responsible for the first blues record by a black artist. It was made part of Columbia records in the 30s and continued to record blues acts.

okeh 45 record

During the early sixties with the success of Detroit and Motown records Carl Davis became the head of Okeh's A & R section. Using Chicago's talent, and Curtis Mayfield the songwriter, he was asked to produce and write for Okeh. With the up to date facilities and high budget it was not long before a new sound was born. Major Lance with his dance-craze The "Monkey Time" had the new sophisticated uptown Chicago soul sound. Even today it's still fresh yet it was recorded way back in 1963. During the early 70s due to demand, bootleg copies were pressed of in demand tracks, these had a small '45' compared with the bigger numbers on the originals.

              Rare U.S.Okeh Soul singlesokeh cd cover

                 Okeh singles listing 1963-1970

Some recordings are now available on CD, look out for Kent Okeh A Northern Soul Obsession

okeh cd cover

and  Okeh A Northern Soul Obsession Vol.2

Today Okeh records is owned and licensed by Sony Music


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