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The Stateside record label along with Tamla Motown is probably the most widely collected UK record label. Originally EMI said that it was to be called either Javelin or Discus, these names were rejected and they finally settled for the Stateside logo in 1962, the 'S' was written as an American dollar sign. The label colour was black with white writing. It issued a large number of fine USA label's including ABC, Bell/Amy/Mala,Wand, Laurel and of course the Tamla/Gordy/Motown group.

The list of artists was very impressive and included all the very early Tamla Motown acts, Marvinmarvelettes Gaye, Isley Brothers, Mary Wells, The Miracles, The Contours, The Marvelettes, The Temptations, Martha and the Vandellas, The Supremes who gave the label it's first No 1 record with "Baby Love " in 1964.  Mixed in was the R & B and blues of the period with brilliant records from the likes of John Lee Hooker,  Jimmy Reed,  Jimmy Witherspoon,  Slim Harpo and Lazy Lester.

The period from 1964 up till late 1966 was the labels most prolific time for soul  music records, and these remain highly sought after by collectors. One artist that had many good recordings was Lee lee dorseyDorsey. He came from New Orleans and had a string of hits in the sixties. With writer, pianist and arranger Allen Toussaint, the man who was behind so much of the New Orleans soul sound, they  included "Get Out Of My Life Women", "Ride Your Pony", "Confusion", "Holy Cow",  and Working In A Coal Mine". Check out the CD Can You Hear Me ? on Charly 39.

It was also interesting that many records had appeared on other labels such as the classic "Open Theinez & charlie foxx Door To Your Heart" by Darrell Banks. The original on London HL 10076 demo only,  is probably the rarest UK soul single. Jimmy Radcliffe "Long After To Night Is All Over" was issued on Pye International. The Fascinations "Girls Are Out To Get You" on Sue. Gene Chandler"Nothing Can Stop Me" on Soul City and  "Tightrope " by Inez and Charlie Foxx on Pye International.  The catalogue is littered with many one off gems such as Earl Van Dyke "Soul Stomp", Bob Kuban and the In-Men "The Cheater", Gloria Jones "Finders Keepers"  Mary Love "Lay This Burden Down" Al Green with Back Up Train and  "Girl Watcher " by the O'Kaysions.

The following is a list of the rarest Stateside singles, and Northern Soul Gems:-

stateside 45 record

Carolyn Crawford When Someone's Good To You/My Heart
Hoagy Lands The Next In Line/Please Don't Talk About Me
Incredibles There's Nothing Else To Say/Heart And Soul
Sammy Ambrose Welcome To Dreamsville/Monkey See, Monkey Do
Sharpees Tired of Being Lonely/Just To Please You
Kim Weston A Little More Love/Go Ahead And Laugh
Sammy Ambrose Bad Night/This Diamond Ring
O'Jay's I Dig Your Act/I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow
Charlie Grace He'll Never Love You Like I Do/Keep My Love Next To Your Heart
Lee Meza One Good Thing Leads To Another/If It Happens
Mickey Lee Lane Hey Sah Lo Ney/Of Yesterday
James Carr That's What I Want To know/Baby You Got My Mind Messed Up
The Virginia Wolves Stay/B.L.T.
Dean Parrish Determination/Turn On Your Love Light

Soul records continued to be issued up until 1972, Stateside gave us a host of rarities and the record collector the opportunity to buy good soul records on a UK label. The company continued up to April 1974. Check out the Stateside label singles listing of one of the finest soul UK labels of the sixties.

Look out for the CD  It'll Never Be Over For Me issued on EMI Stateside 96830 2 sleeve notes by Richard Searling.

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