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In the spring of 1967 CBS (Columbia Broadcasting Systems) launched a UK soul label, its was called Direction. The label was yellow with a modern black bold arrow as its logo. During the next three years it issued some very collectable soul 45's. An instrumental "The Horse" bysly and the family stone

 Cliff Nobles, which was an instrumental version of "Love Is All Right " from US 45 Phi-LA of Soul. Cliff Nobles sang lead vocal but did not feature on the B side instrumental track, "The Horse" which was played on the radio. It was picked up by the club scene and did fairly well but did not reach the national charts, unlike in the US were it reached No 2.

In the summer of 1968 came "Dance To The Music" by Sly & The Family Stone, this was Directions' first hit reaching No 7 in the UK Chart. This can in part be attributed to Dave Godin who sent out free copies to DJ's to plug and promote the record.

Brooks And Jerry with "I Got What It Takes" was a very well played club dancer from 1968. Produced by Brooks O'Dell and Jerry Williams, it was issued on US Dynamo records.

big mabelle

One of the most collectable records on the label must be the pounder "Quttin' Time" a Northern Soul favorite backed by the slower more soulful " I Can't Wait Any Longer" from US Rojac by Big Maybelle. A giant of R&B and Soul.


the bandwagon

The next group to have a hit with there second record was The Bandwagon with "Breaking Down The Walls of Heartache". The biggest hit on the label reaching No 4 in the UK chart. Later they became Johnny Johnson and The Bandwagon when recording for Bell records.


Some very fine records were issued by well known soul artists including Inex & Charlie Foxx, Peaches and Herb, Barbara Mason, The Glories, The Vibrations, The Tymes, Jackie Edwards, The Chambers Brothers. When looking through the Direction record single listing it also becomes apparent that some very obscure artist were also issued.

Home grown Gene Latter who was born in Cardiff and had one issue on Direction with "A Tribute To Otis / Bring Your Love Home" in 1968.

Fvillage soul choir

inally, just before Direction came to an end in 1970 "The Cat Walk " by Village Soul Choir with its funky soul sound was to show the way soul music was heading at the begin of the seventies.




To the soul collector Direction has many rare items to search for such as Barbara Mason "Oh How It Hurts", The Vibrations "Love In Them There Hills", The Spellbinders "Help Me / Chain Reaction", Barbara And Brenda "Never Love A Robin / Sally's Party", Inex And Charlie Foxx "I Ain't Going For That" in mint condition would set you back £80.


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