Direction Records Singles Listing

58-2712 I Ain't Going For That /Undecided Inez & Charlie Foxx
58-3082 My Hometown / Trouble Otello Smith And The Tobago Bad Boys
58-3083 Flames / Salisbury Plain Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera
58-3084 (I Love You Baby) Give Me My Freedom / Security The Glories
58-3086 Garden Of My Mind / Time To Start Loving You The Mickey Finn
58-3096 Love Is Strange / Two Little Kids Peaches And Herb
58-3114 Broken Heart / Rudy - A Message To You The Locomotive
58-3115 Advice / It Isn't What You've Got Five Towns
58-3132 Wallpaper / You Intrigue Me Pregnant Insomnia
58-3192 (1-2-3-4-5-6-7) Count The Days / A Stranger I Don't Know Inez & Charlie Foxx
58-3203 Friend / Forgotten Dreams Squibby And The Reflections
58-3215 Uptown / Love Me Like The Rain
The Chambers Brothers
58-3216 I Need A Woman Of My Own / Searching For My Baby Looking Everywhere Tommy Hunt
58-3235 Baby I Love You / Virginia Water Cats Pyjamas
58-3245 A Tribute To Otis / Bring Your Love Home Gene Latter
58-3248 Come On Down / Little Man Motivation
58-2349 Soothe Me With Your Love / We're So Much In Love Peaches And Herb
58-3261 Don't Lose Your Groove / Women Of The World Lavell Hardy
58-3267 I Got What It Takes / Part 1 & 2 Brooks & Jerry
58-3300 Sing Me A Love Song / Oh Baby That's Love The Glories
58-3301 Funky Donkey / Caravan Bernard Pretty Purdie
58-3312 Quittin' Time / I Can't Wait Any Longer Big Maybelle
58-3339 Soul Teacher / Hard To Get Sam, Erv And Tom
58-3382 Oh How It Hurts / Ain't Got Nobody Barbara Mason
58-3415 Let It Be Me / I Need Your Love So Desperately Peaches And Herb
58-3453 Ragamuffin / For A Little While Squibby And The Reflections
58-3481 Mary Jane / Dreamy Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera
58-3482 Camera Man / House For Sale Cats Pyjamas
58-3511 Love In Them There Hills / Remember The Rain The Vibrations
58-3518 The Horse / Love Is All Right Cliff Nobles And Co.
58-3520 Baby Make Your Own Sweet Music / On The Day We Fell In Love The Bandwagon
58-3547 Everybody's Got To Change Sometime / Statesboro Blues Taj Mahal
58-3548 United / Thank You Peaches And Herb
58-3568 Dance To The Music / Let Me Hear It From You Sly And The Family Stone
58-3574 I Wanna Be Free / Yours Until Tomorrow Vivian Reed
58-3597 Sally Had A Party / Shop Around Flavour
58-3603 The Great Magic Of Love / Dancing Master Palmer Jones
58-3606 Loving You Has Made My Life Worthwhile / Better Off Without You Squibby And The Reflections
58-3628 Soul Clappin' / Blow Your Lid (But Watch Your Cool) Bernard Pretty Purdie
58-3646 My Sweet Sweet Baby / Stand By (I'm Coming Home) The Glories
58-3670 Breakin' Down The Walls Of Heartache / Dancin' Master The Bandwagon
58-3671 Time Has Come Today / Dinah The Chambers Brothers
58-3678 Baby Your So Right For Me / To The One I Love Brenda & The Tabulations
58-5701 She Can / Everybody's Woman The Coasters
58-3707 M'Lady / Life Sly And The Family Stone
58-3721 The Mule / The Horse The James Boys
58-3738 Judge Baby, I'm Back / Horse Fever Cliff Nobles And Co.
58-3799 Never Love A Robin / Sally's Party Barbara And Brenda
58-3816 Come On In / Baby Drop A Dime Inez & Charlie Foxx
58-3829 Let's Make A Promise / Me And You Peaches And Herb
58-3854 Girl Don't Make Me Wait / Can't Get Away From Heartbreak Gladiators
58-3865 I Can't Turn You Loose / Do Your Thing The Chambers Brothers
58-3899 I Can Give You Love / I'm So Glad I Found You The Diplomats
58-3903 People / For Love Of Ivy The Tymes
58-3923 You / You Blew Your Cool And Lost Your Fool Johnny Johnson & The Bandwagon
58-3924 Volcano / A Quick 'B' Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera
58-3939 Everyday People / Sing A Simple Song Sly And The Family Stone
58-3970 Help Me / Chain Reaction The Spellbinders
58-4033 You Got It / Come Back To Me Squibby And The Reflections
58-4042 Baby Give It To Me / You Fixed My Heartache Inez & Charlie Foxx
58-4044 Ee Zee Rider / You Don't Miss Your Water Taj Mahal
58-4059 One Eye Open / Yaw'll The Maskman And The Agents
58-4085 When He Touches Me / Thank You Peaches And Herb
58-4086 Cloud Nine / Son-Of-A-Preacher Man Mongo Santamaria
58-4096 Why Must I Be Alone / I'm Gonna Make You Cry Jackie Edwards
58-4097 I Put A Spell On You / Little Demon Screamin' Jay Hawkins
58-4098 Are You Ready / You Got The Power To Turn Me On The Chambers Brothers
58-4180 Let's Hang On / Don't Let It In Johnny Johnson & The Bandwagon
58-4205 Switch It On / Burning Desire Cliff Nobles And Co.
58-4212 Love Ain't Love / Funky Walk Udell T. Anderson
58-4279 Stand / I Want To Take You Higher Sly And The Family Stone
58-4308 Waiting On The Shores Of Nowhere / I'll Always Love You Gladiators
58-4318 People Get Ready / No No Don't Say Goodbye The Chambers Brothers
58-4430 Twenty-Five Miles / El Tres Mongo Santamaria
58-4450 If You Love Me Baby / The Tymes
58-4459 Keep On Loving Me / Rainmaker Udell T. Anderson
58-4471 Hot Fun In The Summer Time / Fun Sly And The Family Stone
58-4507 As Long As I Live Gladiators
58-4586 Give Your Woman What She Wants / Further On Down The Road Taj Mahal
58-4630 Oh Manio / Here We Go Again Jackie Edwards
58-4645 Don't Go Away / Thank You Darling Udell T. Anderson
58-4660 Twelfth Of Never / Lovin' My Baby Back Home Gladiators
58-4675 Get It From The Bottom / I'm Sorry The Steelers
58-4751 Look A Py-Py / This Is My Last Affair The Meters
58-4782 Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) / Everybody Is A Star Sly And The Family Stone
58-4816 Dig The Way I Feel / Love Shooting Bandit Mary Wells
58-4846 Love Pease And Happiness / If You Want Me The Chambers Brothers
58-4909 Satisfy My Hunger / It's Just A Game, Love Peaches And Herb
58-4969 The Cat Walk / The Country Walk Village Soul Choir
58-5033 Let's Do It / To Love Somebody The Chambers Brothers
58-5249 Soothe Me With Your Love / We're So Much In Love Peaches And Herb
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