Johnnie Taylor Stax 45 Listing 1966 - 1975

blue stax 45yellow stax 45

45-186 I Had A Dream Changes                                                      1966
45-193 I Got To Love Somebody's Baby Just The One I've Been Looking For
45-202 Toe-Hold Little Bluebird
45-209 Ain't That Lovin You (For More Reasons Than One) Outside Love                                              1967
45-226 You Can't Get Away From It If I Had To Do It Over
45-235 Somebody's Sleeping In My Bed Strange Things (Happening In My Heart)
45-247 Next Time Sundown                                                     1968
45-253 I Ain't Particular Where There's Smoke There's Fire
STA-0009 Who's Making Love I'm Trying
STA-0023 Take Care Of Your Homework Hold On This Time                                     1969
STA-0033 Testify (I Wonna) I Had A Fight With Love
STA-0042 Just Keep On Loving Me My Life with Carla Thomas
STA-0046 I Could Never Be President It's Amazing
STA-0055 Love Bones Mr. Nobody Is Somebody
STA-0068 Steal Away Friday Night                                               1970
STA-0078 I Am Somebody (Part 1) I Am Somebody (Part 2)
STA-0085 Jody's Got Your Girl And Gone A Fool Like Me
STA-0089 I Don't Wanna Lose You Party Life                                                   1971
STA-0096 Hijackin' Love Love In The Streets (Ain't Good As The Love At Home)
STA-0114 Standing In For Jody Shackin' Up
STA-0122 Doing My Own Thing (Part I) Doing My Own Thing (Part 11)                 1972
STA-0142 Stop Doggin' Me Stop Teasin' Me
STA-0155 Don't You Fool With My Soul (Part I) Don't You Fool With My Soul (Part I1)    1973
STA-0161 I Believe In You (You Believe In Me) Love Depression
STA-0176 Cheaper To Keep Her I Can Read Between The Lines
STA-0193 We're Getting Careless With Our Love Poor Make Believer
STA-0208 I've Been Born Again At Night Time (My Pillow Tells A Tale On Me)   1974
STA-0226 It's September Just One Moment
STA-0241 Try Me Tonight Free                                                            1975
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