Something Special: Ska Hot Shots - Roland Alphonso

  1. Four Corners (aka Four Corners Of The World)
  2. From Russia With Love
  3. Dr. Ring Ding
  4. Jack Ruby
  5. El Pussy Cat Ska (take 2)
  6. Federal Special
  7. Do It Good
  8. Jah Shakey (aka Jack Steady)
  9. Pepe To
  10. You Trouble Me
  11. Rollie Pollie
  12. Proof Rum
  13. James Bond
  14. Provocation
  15. Grand National
  16. Hully Gully Rock
  17. Something Special
  18. Roland Special
  19. Groovy Sax
  20. Marie Elena
Sax man Roland Alphonso was one of the true originators of Jamaican Ska and Rock Steady music. On this fine Heartbeat collection, we have 20 tracks recorded between 1961 and 1968, some never before released on CD. On these tracks he plays with many fine musicians and groups including, the Skatalites and The Soul Brothers. A must for original Ska collectors. Jamaica's legend, Roland Alphonso O.D., Chief Musician. Issued on Heartbeat CD HBEA 228 (USA)