Goldwax Record Label 45 Listing

goldwax 45

Goldwax 101 Darling / How A Woman Does Her Man The Lyrics          1963
Goldwax 102 The Day The World Cried - Part 1 / Part 2 Oboe                    1964
Goldwax 103 Our Last Quarrel / These Ain't Raindrops Bobby McDowell
Goldwax 104 Too Slow / She's Better Than You Oboe
Goldwax 105 The Side Wind / So Hard To Get Along The Lyrics
Goldwax 106 That's How Strong My Love Is / There Goes My Used To Be O V Wright with the Keys
Goldwax 107 I Can't Fight This Much Longer / Now And Then Eddie Bond
Goldwax 108 Only Fools Run Away / You Don't Want Me James Carr
Goldwax 109 Love Me / Rhythm Marie Phillip And The Faithfuls
Goldwax 110 Won't You Call / Pretty Little Angel The Ovations
Goldwax 111 Bow-Legged / Toddlin' Gene (Bowlegs) Miller
Goldwax 112 I Can't Make It / Lover's Competition James Carr         1965
Goldwax 113 It's Wonderful To Be In Love / Dance Party The Ovations
Goldwax 114 Ohio Bound / Hurricane Blues Big Lucky Carter
Goldwax 115 Country Style / The Well's Gone Dry Dorothy Williams
Goldwax 116 Have You Seen Jean / Every Woman I Know (Is Crazy About An Automobile) Al Vance
Goldwax 117 I'm Living Good / Recipe For Love The Ovations
Goldwax 118 Love Works That Way / I'll Be True To You Spencer Wiggins
Goldwax 119 She's Better Than You / Talk Talk James Carr  
Goldwax 120 My Motor Bike Balked / Patsy The Lamars
Goldwax 300 Don't Cry / I Need A Lot Of Loving The Ovations
Goldwax 301 I Do / Darling The Vel Tones        1966
Goldwax 302 You've Got My Mind Messed Up / That's What I Want To Know James Carr  
Goldwax 303 Leaning On You / I Can't Forget You The Yo Yo's
Goldwax 304 Trying To Make It / I'm Just That Kind Of Fool For You Oboe
Goldwax 305 Here It Is Now / What Time Ye Got Gene (Bowlegs) Miller
Goldwax 306 I Believe I'll Go Back Home / Qualifications The Ovations
Goldwax 307 Every Little Bit Helped Me / I Can Make You Happy Ivory Joe Hunter
Goldwax 308 Take Me Just As I Am / The Kind Of Woman That's Got No Heart Spencer Wiggins
Goldwax 309 Love Attack / Coming Back To Me Baby James Carr 
Goldwax 310 Gotta Find A New Love / I've Got Something In My Eye The Yo Yo's
Goldwax 311 Pouring Water On A Drowning Man / Forgetting You James Carr 
Goldwax 312 Old Friend (You Asked Me If I Miss You) / Walking Out On You Spencer Wiggins
Goldwax 313 You Didn't Know It But You Had Me / Good Times George and Greer
Goldwax 314 Me And My Imagination / They Say The Ovations
Goldwax 315 Crying Baby Baby Baby / Call On Me Percy Milem
Goldwax 316 When You Look In The Mirror/ Some Other Time Eddie Jefferson
Goldwax 317 The Dark End Of The Street / Lovable Girl James Carr               1967
Goldwax 318 Say You Need It / Unlovable Barbara Perry
Goldwax 319 Cry Me A Hand Ful / Stormy Love Affair The Terry's
Goldwax 320 Have Some Boogaloo / Liquid Mood Timmy Thomas
Goldwax 321 Uptight Good Woman / Anything You Do Is Alright Spencer Wiggins
Goldwax 322 I've Gotta Go / Ride My Troubles And Blues Away The Ovations featuring Louis Williams
Goldwax 323 Let It Happen / A Losing Game James Carr 
Goldwax 324 Did She Ask About Me / Here Comes The Fool Carmol Taylor
Goldwax 325 I Don't Feel Guilty / Stay Away From Brenda The Terry's
Goldwax 326 She's About A Mover / I Don't Know What You've Got Percy Milem
Goldwax 327 It's My Life / Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On Timmy Thomas
Goldwax 328 Gonna Send You Back To Georgia / I'm A Fool For You James Carr 
Goldwax 329 Ticket To Ride / There Goes My Used To Be Wee Willie Walker
Goldwax 330 The Power Of A Woman / That's How Much I Love You Spencer Wiggins         1968
Goldwax 331 Good Apples Fall / He Called Me Baby Jeanne Newman
Goldwax 332 A Man Needs A Woman / Stronger Than Love   James Carr 
Goldwax 333 That's How Much I Love You / Poor Man's Son Spencer Wiggins
Goldwax 334 If You're Looking For A Man / Love Is A Tricky Thing The Five C's
Goldwax 335 Life Turned Her That Way / A Message To Young Lovers James Carr 
Goldwax 336 Love Is A Beautiful Thing / Love Is A Beautiful Thing (Instrumental) Ben Atkins & The Nomads
Goldwax 337 Once In A While (Is Better Than Never At All) / He's Too Old Spencer Wiggins
Goldwax 338 Freedom Train / That's The Way Love Turned Out For Me James Carr 
Goldwax 339 I Never Loved A Women (The Way I Love You) / Soul City USA Spencer Wiggins          1969
Goldwax 340 To Love Somebody / These Ain't Raindrops James Carr 
Goldwax 341 Happiness / Rockin' Chair The Ovations
Goldwax 342 I'm Living Good / You Had Your Choice The Ovations
Goldwax 343 Row, Row Your Boat / Everybody Needs Somebody James Carr 
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