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Earl Van Dyke and Soul Brothers

Earl Van Dyke & Soul (Funk) Brothers

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Earl Van Dyke and the Soul (Funk) Brothers
Part 1
  1. Nowhere to run
  2. Come see about me
  3. You're a wonderful one
  4. How sweet it is to be loved by you
  5. My girl
  6. All for you
  7. Too many fish in the sea
  8. Try it baby
  9. The way you do the things you do
  10. Can I get a witness
  11. Can you jerk like me
  12. Money (that's what I want)
  13. The flick
  14. 6 by 6
  15. Soul Stomp
  16. Hot n'hot
  17. I can't help myself

Choker Campbell and his 16 piece band
Part 2

  1. Baby love
  2. Come see about me
  3. Where did our love go
  4. Dancing in the street
  5. Baby, I need your loving
  6. That's what love is made of
  7. Wild one
  8. Mickey's monkey
  9. Heat wave
  10. Pride and joy
  11. Hitch hike
  12.  Fingertips
This is a collection of 29 Detroit Instrumental Classics taken from the original two Motown albums. Earl Van Dyke was mainly responsible for the Motown sound, from about 63' as the session bandleader. Here he plays the organ and gives some well known Motown tunes the instrumental treatment, just brilliant. A copy of the original Detroit Instruments album, on UK Tamla Motown, would sell for around £120! Its was not issued under the name "Funk Brothers" as Berry Gordy did not wish the word Funk to be assosciated with Motown. The second part of the CD is by Coker Campbell and his band, again from his only album on Motown. Great dance music on Marginal CD MAR 070, Belgium import which is technically a bootleg.

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