Chess Record Label 45 Listing (UK)

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CRS8000 Bo Diddley Hey Good Lookin' / You Ain't Bad (As You Claim To Be) 1964
CRS8001 Muddy Waters My John The Conquer Root / Short Dress Woman
CRS8002 The Radiants Voice Your Choice / If I Only Had You
CRS8003 Jackie Ross Jerk And Twine / New Lover
CRS8004 Buddy Guy Let Me Love You Baby / Ten Years Ago 1965
CRS8005 Johnny Nash Strange Feelin' / Rainin' In My Heart
CRS8006 Chuck Berry Lonely School Days / I Got A Booking
CRS8007 Fontella Bass and
Bobby McClure
Don't Mess Up A Good Thing / Baby What You Want Me To Do
CRS8008 Bernice Swanson Lying Awake / Baby I'm Yours
CRS8009 Billy Stewart I Do Love You / Keep Loving
CRS8010 Howlin' Wolf Killing Floor / Louise
CRS8011 Tony Clarke The Entertainer / This Heart Of Mine
CRS8012 Chuck Berry Dear Dad / My Little Lovelight
CRS8013 Little Milton We're Gonna Make It / Can't Hold Back The Tears
CRS8014 Bo Diddley Somebody Beat Me / Mush Mouth Millie
CRS8015 The Knight Brothers Sinking Low / Temptation 'Bout To Get Me
CRS8016 Howlin' Wolf Ooh Baby / Tell Me What I've Done
CRS8017 Billy Stewart Sitting In The Park / Once Again
CRS8018 Little Milton Who's Cheating Who? / Ain't No Big Deal On You
CRS8019 Muddy Waters I Got A Rich Man's Woman / My Dog Can't Bark
CRS8020 Ramsey Lewis Trio The In Crowd / Since I Fell For You
CRS8021 Bo Diddley Let The Kids Dance / Let Me Pass
CRS8022 Chuck Berry It Wasn't Me / It's My Own Business
CRS8023 Fontella Bass Rescue Me / Soul Of The Man
CRS8024 Ramsey Lewis Trio Hang On Sloopy / Movin' Easy
CRS8025 Etta James and
Sugar Pie De Santo
Do I Make Myself Clear / Somewhere Down The Line
CRS8026 Bo Diddley 500% More Man / Somebody Beat Me 1966
CRS8027 Fontella Bass Recovery / Leave It In The Hands Of Love
CRS8028 Billy Stewart Because I Love You / Mountains Of Love
CRS8029 Ramsey Lewis Trio A Hard Days Night / 'Tout A Doubt
CRS8030 Sonny Boy
Bring It On Home / Down Child
CRS8031 Ramsey Lewis Trio Hi-Heel Sneakers - Part 1 / Part 2
CRS8032 Fontella Bass I Can't Rest / Surrender
CRS8033 Bobby Moore and
The Rhythm Aces
Searching For My Love / Hey Mr DJ
CRS8034 Sugar Pie De Santo There's Gonna Be Trouble / In The Basement
CRS8035 Koko Taylor Wang Dang Doodle / Blues Heaven
CRS8036 Bo Diddley We're Gonna Get Married / Easy
CRS8037 Chuck Berry Ramona, Say Yes / Lonely School Days
CRS8038 Billy Stewart Love Me / Why Am I Lonely
CRS8039 John Lee Hooker Let's Go Out Tonight / In The Mood
CRS8040 Billy Stewart Summertime / To Love To Love
CRS8041 Ramsey Lewis Trio Wade In The Water / Ain't That Peculiar
CRS8042 Fontella Bass Safe And Sound / You'll Never Know
CRS8043 The Vontastics Day Tripper / My Baby
CRS8044 Ramsey Lewis Uptight (Everything's Alright) / Money In The Pocket
CRS8045 Billy Stewart Secret Love / Look Back And Smile
CRS8046 The Knight Brothers That'll Get It / She's A-1
CRS8047 Gene Chandler I Fooled You This Time / Such A Pretty Thing
CRS8048 Bobby McClure Peak Of Love / You Got Me Baby
CRS8049 Not Issued  
CRS8050 Billy Stewart Ole Man River / Every Day I Have The Blues
CRS8051 Ramsey Lewis Day Tripper / Hurt So Bad 1967
CRS8052 Etta James I Prefer You / I'm So Glad (I Found Love In You)
CRS8053 Bo Diddley Ooh Baby / Back To School
CRS8054 Marlena Shaw Mercy, Mercy, Mercy / Go Away Little Boy
CRS8055 Ramsey Lewis 1-2-3 / Down By The Riverside
CRS8056 Cash McCall It's Wonderful (To Be In Love) / Let's Try It Over
CRS8057 Bo Diddley Wrecking My Love Life / Boo-Ga-Loo Before You Go
CRS8058 Ramsey Lewis Function At The Junction / Hey Mrs. Jones
CRS8059 The Tiffanies It's Got To Be A Great Song / He's Good To Me
CRS8060 Ramsey Lewis Saturday Night After The Movies / China Gate
CRS8061 Ramsey Lewis Girl Talk / Dancing In The Street
CRS8062 Laura Lee Dirty Man / It's Mighty Hard
CRS8063 Etta James Tell Mama / I'd Rather Go Blind
CRS8064 Ramsey Lewis Soul Man / Struttin' Lightly
CRS8065 The Wildweeds It Was Fun While It Lasted / Sorrow's Anthem
CRS8066 The Dells O-O I Love / You There Is
CRS8067 Billy Stewart Cross My Heart / Why (Do I Love You So)
CRS8068 The Soulful Strings Burning Spear / Within You Without You 1968
CRS8069 Etta James Security / I'm Gonna Take What He's Got
CRS8070 Laura Lee As Long As I Got You / A Man With Some Backbone
CRS8071 The Dells Wear It On Our Face / Please Don't Change Me Now
CRS8072 Rotary Connection Soul Man / Ruby Tuesday
CRS8073 The Radiants Hold On / I'm Glad I'm The Loser
CRS8074 Maurice and Mac You Left The Water Running / You're The One
CRS8075 Chuck Berry Johnny B. Goode / Sweet Little Sixteen
CRS8076 Etta James I Got You Babe / I Worship The Ground You Walk On
CRS8077 Pigmeat Markham Here Comes The Judge / The Trial
CRS8078 Bo Diddley Another Sugar Daddy / I'm High Again
CRS8079 The Dells Stay In My Corner / Love Is So Simple
CRS8080 The Gospel Classics More Love, That's What We Need / You Need Faith
CRS8081 Maurice and Mac Why Don't You Try Me / Lean On Me
CRS8082 Etta James You Got It / Fire
CRS8083 Muddy Waters Let's Spend The Night Together / I'm A Man 1969
CRS8084 The Dells Always Together / I Want My Momma
CRS8085 Pigmeat Markham Sock It To 'Em Judge / The Hip Judge
CRS8086 Tommy Tucker Hi Heel Sneakers / I Don't Want Cha
CRS8087 Little Milton Grits Ain't Groceries / I Can't Quit You Baby
CRS8088 Bo Diddley Bo Diddley 1969 / Soul Train
CRS8089 Chuck Berry No Particular Place To Go / It Wasn't Me
CRS8090 Fontella Bass Rescue Me / I Can't Rest
CRS8091 Tony Clarke The Entertainer / Ain't Love Good Ain't Love Proud
CRS8092 Billy Stewart Summertime / I Do Love You
CRS8093 Sugar Pie De Santo Soulful Dress / There's Gonna Be Trouble
CRS8094 The Soulful Strings I Wish It Would Rain / Listen Here
CRS8095 Woody Herman Hush / Light My Fire
CRS8096 Ramsey Lewis Cry Baby Cry / Wade In The Water
CRS8097 Howlin' Wolf Evil / Tail Dragger
CRS8098 Jamo Thomas I'll Be Your Fool / Jamo Soul
CRS8099 The Dells I Can Sing A Rainbow / Love Is Blue-Hallelujah Baby

Harold Smith Majestic Choir

We Can All Walk A Little Prouder / Why Am I Treated So Bad
CRS8101 Little Milton Let's Get Together / I'll Always Love You
CRS8102 The Dells Oh What A Night / Believe Me
CRS8103 Rotary Connection The Weight / Respect
CRS8104 Ramsey Lewis Julia / Do What You Wanna
CRS8105 The Dells The Dock Of The Bay / When I'm In Your Arms
CRS8106 Rotary Connection Want To Know You / Memory Band 1970
CRS8107 The Dells Oh What A Day / The Change We Go Thru (For Love)
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