Bandstand  USA And Bingo Records 45 Label Listing

Goldwax Records Subsidiaries

Bandstand 1001 Spoonful / What Am I Living For The Playboy Five       1964
Bandstand 1002 Arabian Jerk / Please, Please Little Girl The Merits                  1965
Bandstand 1003 Ohio Bound / Hurricane Blues Big Lucky Carter
Bandstand 1004 What Do You Think About My Baby / Lover's Crime Spencer Wiggins
Bandstand 1005 The Well's Gone Dry / Country Style Dorothy Williams
Bandstand 1021 Hello Daughter / Gonna Comb You Out Of My Hair Leroy Daniel              1966
Bandstand 1022 Little Things / Ain't That Lonely Jeanne Newman
Bandstand 101 I Won't Cry Anymore / Has Another Taken My Place Bill Childress
BINGO      111 Big Bad John The Twister / Pop-Eye Time John  Kennedy           1962
BINGO      1001 A Thousand Vows / A Girl Named Jo Bobby McDonald
BINGO      1001 Will I Ever Be Free / The Greasy Frog Jeb Stewart                 1964
BINGO      1000 Foggy River / St. Louis Blues The Tee-Birds