Vogue And Vocalion 45's Record Listing

  V 9059 Shirley & Lee Let The Good Times Roll/Do You Mean To Hurt Me So (1956)
  V 9060 The Jivers Little Muma/Cherie
  V 9061 Charles Brown Band Soothe Me/I'll Always Be In Love With You
  V 9062 Gene & Eunice I Gotta Go Home/Have You Changed Your Mind
  V 9064 Amos Milburn Every Day Of The Week/Girl Of My Dreams
  V 9065 Charles Brown Confidential/Trouble Blues
  V 9066 Gene & Eunice This Is My Story/Move It Over Baby
  V 9067 Shirley & Lee That's What I Wanna Do/When I Saw You
  V 9068 The Jivers Dear Little One/Ray Pearl
  V 9069 Amos Milburn Rum and Coca Cola/Soft Pillow
  V 9070 Sherri Washington Ain't I Talking To You Baby/I Got Plenty
  V 9071 Gene & Eunice Let's Get Together/I'm So In Love With You
  V 9072 Shirley & Lee Rock All Night/Don't You Know Love
  V 9074 Marvin & Johnny Yak Yak/Pretty Eyes
  V 9077 Crawford Brothers Midnight Mover Grover
  V 9080 Amos Milburn Thinking Of You Baby/ If I Could Be With You
  V 9081 Lynn Hope Blue Moon/Blues For Anna Bacca
  V 9082 Lynn Hope Eleven Till Two/Blues For Mary
  V 9083 Gene & Eunice Don't Treat Me This Way/Doodle Doodle Doo
  V 9084 Shirley & Lee Rockin' With The Clock/Flirt
  V 9085 The Tantones So Afraid/Tell Me
  V 9086 The Sharps Love Is Hear To Stay/Lock My Heart
  V 9087 The Troopers Get Out/My Resolution
  V 9088 Shirley & Lee I Want To Dance/Marry Me
  V 9089
Johnny Flamingo
My Teen-Age Girl / When I Lost You
  V 9090
Aggie Dukes
John John / Well Of Loneliness
  V 9091 Little Wilbur Plaything/I Don't Care
  V 9092 Thurston Harris Little Bitty Pretty One/I Hope You Won't Hold It Against Me
V 9093
Ray Johnson & His Band
Calypso Blues / Are You There
  V 9094 Shirley & Lee You'd Be Thinking Of Me/Feel So Good
  V 9095 The Charmers He's Gone/Oh! Yes
  V 9096 The Sharps Shuffling/What Will I Gain
  V 9097 Little Wilbur Heart To Heart/Alone In The Night
  V 9098 Thurston Harris Do What You Did/I'm Asking Forgivness
  V 9099 Marvin & Johnny Smack Smack/You're In My Heart
  V 9100 Johnny Flamingo So Long/Make Me A Present Of You
V 9101
Jackie & Roy
You Smell So Good / Lets Take A Walk Around The Block
  V 9102 The Cupids Now You Tell Me/Lillie Mae
  V 9103 Shirley & Lee I'll Trill You/Love No One But You
  V 9105 Harold Jackson Move It On Down The Line part 1 & 2
  V 9106 Gene & Eunice The Angels Gave You To Me/I Mean Love
  V 9107 Donald Woods Memories Of An Angel/That Much Of Your Love
  V 9108 Thurston Harris Be Baba Leba/I'm Out To Getcha
V 9109
Rene Touzet & His Orchestra
Love For Sale / Flamingo
  V 9110 The Monorbops Need You Tonight/Want You For My Own
  V 9111 The Lovers I Wanna Be Loved/Let's Elope
V 9112
Sugar & Pee Wee
One, Two, Let's Rock / Just A Few Little Words
V 9113
The Strollers
Jumping With Symphony Sid / Swinging Yellow Rose Of Texas
V 9114
David Allen
In Love In Vain / A Sure Thing
V 9115
Lynn Hope
Temptation / The Scrunch
  V 9116 The Four Palms Jeanie, Joanie, Shirley,Toni/Consideration
V 9117
Doyle Wilson With Jimmy Lacey Band
Hey-Hey / You're The One For Me
  V 9118 Shirley & Lee Everybody's Rockin'/Don't Leave Me Here To Cry
V 9119
Benny Bennet & His Latin American Orchestra
Stranger In Paradise / Cha Cha Cha No 5
V 9120
Pierre Dorsey His Piano & His Orchestra
Live For Today / Madre Mia
V 9121
Benny Bennet & His Latin American Orchestra
Esmerelda / Mambo De Monaco
  V 9122 Thurston Harris Smokey Joe's/Only One Love Is Blessed
V 9123
David Allen
Impossible / Can't Help It
  V 9124 The Stollers Little Bitty Pretty One/Flute Calypso
  V 9126 Gene & Eunice Strange World/The Vow
  V 9127 Thurston Harris Over Somebody Else's Shoulder/Tears From My Heart
  V 9128 Johnny & Judy Bother Me Baby/Who's To Say
  V 9129 Shirley & Lee Come On And Have Your Fun/All I Want To Do Is Cry
  V 9130 The Spotlighters Please Be My Girlfriend/Whisper
  V 9131 The Brown Brothers Let The Good Times Roll/You're Right I'm Left
V 9132
Claude Luter & His Orchestra
The Day That The Rains Came / La Grande Coco
V 9133
Earl Cadillac His Alto Sax & His Orchestra
Zon, Zon, Zon / Il Suffit D'une Melodie
  V 9134 Sonny Knight But Officer/Dear Wonderful God
  V 9135 Shirley & Lee That's What I'll Do/A Little Word
  V 9136 Gene & Eunice Bom Bom Lulu/Hi Diddle Diddle
  V 9137 Shirley & Lee I'll Do It/Lee's Dream
  V 9138
Earl Cadillac His Alto Sax & His Orchestra
The Fish Seller / Tremendo Cha Cha Cha
  V 9139 Thurston Harris Purple Stew/I Hear A Rhapsody
  V 9140 Crawford Brothers I Ain't Guilty/It Feels Good
  V 9141
Sidney Bechet
Petit Fleur / Dans La Rue D'Antibes
  V 9142
David Allen
Let's Face The Music And Dance / Yours Sincerely
  V 9143
Jeanette Baker
Everything Reminds Me Of You / Crazy With You
  V 9144 Thurston Harris You Don't Know How Much I Love You/In The Bottom Of My Heart
  V 9145
Scott Engel With Count Dracula & The Boys
The Livin End / Good For Nothin
  V 9146 Thurston Harris Hey Little Girl/My Love Will Last
  V 9147
Alan Kalani & The Surfers
A Touch Of Pink / Mambo Jambo
  V 9148
Maggi Woodward With Jack Marshall & His Orchestra
Ali Bama / Zulu Warrior
  V 9149 Thurston Harris Runk Bunk/Bless Your Heart
  V 9150
Scott Engel With JackCollier & His Charley Boppers
Charlie Bop / All I Do Is Dream Of You
  V 9151 Thurston Harris Slip Slop/Paradise Hill
  V 9152
Don Ralke
Maverick'Travellin West
  V 9153
The Arthur Lyman Group
Taboo / Dahil Sayo
  V 9154
The Coachmen
Those Brown Eyes / Bald Mountain
  V 9155 Alley Cats Snap Crackle & Pop/Last Night
  V 9156 Shirley & Lee True Love/When Day Is Gone
  V 9157
Sidney Bechet
Le Marchand De Poissons / Si Tu Vois Ma Mere
  V 9158
The Swingers
Love Makes The World Go Round / Jackie
  V 9159
Gloria Smythe
I'll Be Over After A While
  V 9160
Don Sargent
Gypsy Boots / St. James Infirmary
  V 9161
The Rainbeaus
That's All I'm Asking Of You / Maybe It's Wrong
  V 9162
Dick Kallman
Born To Be Loved / Just Squeeze Me But Don't Tease Me
  V 9163 Amos Milburn One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer/Bad Bad Whiskey
  V 9164
The Arthur Lyman Group
Baia / Jungle Jalopy
  V 9165
Bobby Montez & His Orchestra (Not Released)
Holiday In Havana / Jungle Stars
  V 9166
Ernie Andrews
Round Midnight / Lover Come Back To Me
  V 9167
Gene Bianco Group
Alarm Clock Rock / Harp Rock Boogie
  V 9168 The Robins Cherry Lips/Out Of The Picture
  V 9169 Jerry Wayne Half Hearted Love/Ten Thousand Miles
  V 9170
The Arthur Lyman Group
Vera Cruz / Legend Of The Rain
  V 9171
El Pizza / Long Prarie Rock
  V 9172
Billy Daniels
That Old Black Magic / My Yiddishe Momme
  V 9173 The Robins Just Like That/Whole Lotta Imagination
  V 9174 The Olympics I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate/Workin' Hard
  V 9175 Wally Cox I Can't Help It/The Heebie Jeebies
  V 9176 The Fugitives Freeway/Fugitive
  V 9177 James Booker Cool Turkey/Gonzo
  V 9178 Bobby Bland Cry Cry Cry/I've Been So Long
  V 9179 Little Junior Parker Stand By Me/I'll Forget About You
  V 9180 Johnny Ace Pledging My Love/Anymore
  V 9181 The Olympics Dance With A Doll/Dodge City
  V 9182 Bobby Bland Lead Me On/Hold Me Tenderley
  V 9184 The Olympics Little Pedro/Bull Fight (by Cappy Lewis)
  V 9185 The Marathons Peanut Butter/ Talkin' Trash
  V 9188 Bobby Bland St. James Infirmary/Don't Cry No More
  V 9189
George's Varsity
When My Sugar Walks Down The Street / Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue
  V 9190 Bobby Bland Turn On Your Love Light/You're The One I Need
  V 9192 Bobby Bland Blue Moon/Who Will The Next Fool Be
  V 9193 Little Junior Parker Annie Get Your Yo-Yo/Mary Jane
  V 9196 The Olympics The Twist/Everybody Likes To Do The Cha-Cha
  V 9198 The Olympics Mash Them' Taters/The Stomp
  V 9202
Woody Thorn
Sadie Lou / Teenagers In Love
  V 9204 The Olympics The Scotch/Baby I'm Hot
  V 9206 Jimmy Holiday How Can I Forget/Janet
  V 9218 Marianne And Mike Go On/As He Once Was Mine (with Mike Leader)
  VP 9217 The Lonely Fiddler with the Hillside Ramblers Hoedown Hootenanny/Stranger On The Mountain
  VP 9220 David John & The Mood To Catch That Man / Pretty Thing
  VP 9221 Davie Jones & The King Bees Liza Jane/Louie Louie Go Home
  VP 9222 Bobby Bland Ain't Nothing You Can Do/Honey Child
  VP 9224 Joe Hinton Funny How Time Slips Away/You Gotta Have Love
  VP 9225 Marianne And Mike Over The Hills And Far Away/ A Collection Of Recollections
  VP 9229 Bobby Bland Share Your Love With Me/After It's Too Late
  VP 9232 Bobby Bland Yield Not To Temptation/How Does A Cheating Woman Feel
  VP 9233 Ernie K Doe My Mother-In-Law/Looking Into The Future
  VP 9234 Little Johnny Taylor Part Time Love/Somewhere Down The Line
  VP 9236 Miss Lavell Everybody's Got Somebody/The Best Part Of Me
  VP 9241 Jim Nesbit I Can´t Stand This Living Alone/Tiger In My Tank
  VP 9244 Lisa Richards Mean Old World/Take A Chance
  VP 9245 Roscoe Gordon Keep On Doggin'/Bad News
  VP 9247 Sonny & Cher The Letter/Spring Fever
  VP 9248 Roy Head Treat Her Right/So Long My Love
  VP 9249 O.V.Wright You're Gonna Make Me Cry/Monkey Dog
  VP 9251 Bobby Bland These Hands (Small But Mighty)/Today
  VP 9252 Bud Harper Mr Soul/Let Me Love You
  VP 9254 Roy Head Apple Of My Eye/I Pass The Day
  VP 9255 O.V.Wright Poor Boy/ I'm In Your Corner
  VP 9256 Junior Parker These Kind Of Blues parts 1 & 2
  VP 9258 Joe Hinton Pledging My Love/Just A Kid Called Joe
  VP 9259 Billy Strange Run Spy Run/Get Smart
  VP 9260 Otis Rush Homework/I Have To Laugh
  VP 9262 Bobby Bland I'm Too Far Gone (To Turn Around)/If You Could Read My Mind
  VP 9264 Little Johnny Taylor One More Chance/Looking At The Future
  VP 9266 The Golliwogs Brown-Eyed Girl/ You Better Be Careful
  VP 9267 Chamber Brothers Love Me Like The Rain/Pretty Girls Everywhere
  VP 9268 Little Mr Lee & The Cherokes Young Lover/I Don't Want To Go
  VP 9269 Roy Head My Babe/Pain
  VP 9270 The Callengers Walk With Me/ How Could I
  VP 9271 Don Fletcher Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right/I'm So Glad
  VP 9272 O.V.Wright How Long Baby/Gone For Good
  VP 9273 Bobby Bland Good Time Charlie/Good Time Charlie (Inst)
  VP 9274 Roy Head Wigglin' & Gigglin'/Driving Wheel
  VP 9275 Junior Parker Goodbye Little Girl/Walking The Floor Over You
  VP 9276 Chamber Brothers Call Me/Seventeen
  VP 9277 The Seeds Pushin' Too Hard/ Try To Understand
  VP 9278 Al 'TNT' Braggs Earthquake/How Long (Do You Hold On)
  VP 9279 Bobby Adeno The Hands Of Time/It's A Sad World
  VP 9280 Leon Haywood Ain't No Use/Hey Hey Hey (One Of These Days)
  VP 9281 Karen Small To Get You Back Again/That's Why I Cry
  VP 9283 The Golliwogs Fragile Child / Fight Fire
  VP 9285 Roger Collins She's Looking Good/I'm Serving Time
  VP 9287 The Seeds Can't Seem To Make You Mine/ Daisy Mae
  VP 9288 Leon Haywood Ever Since You Were Sweet Sixteen/Skate A While
  VP 9290 Tommy Neal Goin' To A Happening/Tee Ta (1968)

This is the first such listing to appear on the internet created July 2005, updated October 2006, my thanks to Jon Ashford-Smith, for the Vogue additions. Special thanks to Bob Hill for his many additions and corrections which completed this list on 6th March 2007.