It was a privilege to be present at Dave Godin's Leaving Do and hear the DJ play the final record. The lyrics were so poignant.

"Walk right on in stretch out your arms. Let the love light shine on my soul baby and let the love come running in…Let it flow like a river; let it shine like a light"…
(Open The Door To Your Heart by Darrell Banks 1966)

The memories came flooding back. As I stepped off the 47 bus could I hear the music in the distance? I studied the LP's hanging in the window. I walked through the door and I was inside the shop, Soul City full of loud soul music mixed with cigarette smoke. I was so excited, it was a Saturday, I was 16 and it was 1966.

These are US imports said the man; he played some of them and handed a few over the counter to me. Duke, Peacock, Sure-Shot and Seven B records without centres labels full of colour. The man was speaking about each artist, the songs, the labels with such knowledge and charm. His name was Dave Godin. The music he played has been with me all my life.

Followed him and his record shop uptown, read his column in Blues & Soul, hung on his every word.

More than 30 years later Dave sent me an e-mail having found my web site on Soul City Records. With his help I was able to make it "100% accurate", and use that lovely quote about coloured vinyl.

He did so much for Black American Soul music through his enthusiasm and dedication. He had faith and vision and brought all those artist and fantastic tracks to our attention. His Deep Soul Treasures will be his legacy, his mission accomplished.

Thank you for being in the right place, at the right time, R.I.P Soul Brother.

George Austen