That's It!

The Complete Kent Recordings 1964-1968


Disc 1

1 You Don't Love Me
2 If I Could Do It All Over
3 Someone to Love Me
4 Have Mercy Someone
5 Hey Little Girl
6 Oh Darlin'
7 What More
8 That's It
9 Happiness Is All I Need
10 Everybody Has to Cry
11 No More Doggin'
12 The Kind of Love I Want
13 I Found Love
14 You Can't Hide a Heartache
15 Gimme Gimme
16 Greatest Love
17 Where She Att
18 Baby I'm Sorry
19 Everybody Needs Somebody
20 You Just Cheat and Lie
21 What Am I Living for
22 You're Gonna Need My Lovin'
23 Nothing Can Change the Love I Have for You
24 Steal Away
25 You Got What I Need
26 Don't Make Promises (You Can't Keep)
27 Set Your Sights Higher

 Disc 2
 A Whole Lot of Soul

1 When Something Is Wrong with My Baby
2 What Am I Living for
3 Nothing Takes the Place of You
4 Knock on Wood
5 Steal Away
6 You Gonna Make Me Cry
7 You Send Me
8 Midnight Hour
9When a Man Loves a Woman
10 Make Me Yours
11Nothing Can Change the Love I Have for You
12 Greatest Love

13 You Won't Hurt No More
14 You've Got Me Chained to Your Love
15I'm Gonna Love You
16 Please Take Me Back
17 My Girl Has Gone Away
18 I Need Someone (To Love Me) (With Strings)
19 You Don't Love Me (With Strings)
20 If I Could Do It All Over (With Strings)
21You Won't Hurt No More (With Strings)
22 Nothing Can Change This Love (I Have for You) (With Strings)


ZZ Hill’s US Kent recordings did not bring him huge commercial success, but the recordings he made for the company provided the catalyst for the R&B / Soul hits he would have during the 70s and his reinvention as a standard bearer for Blue/Soul in the early 80s. He recorded prolifically for the label for four years, issuing more than a dozen singles and two albums containing soul music of the highest quality. That’s It! is a 2 CD anthology that finally brings together everything the man recorded for the US Kent label in one place. CD 1 contains the A and B-sides of all of ZZ’s original US Kent 45s in chronological order and in mono, as they were heard at the time. Many of these mono mixes are making their UK Kent debut. CD 2 contains ZZ’s ‘concept’ US Kent album A Whole Lot Of Soul in stereo (again released for the first time on CD in its entirety), plus tracks and significant remixes released after ZZ left the label - including a few that are also new to UK Kent – again mostly in stereo. As well as the great music, the extensively researched session-by-session annotation and extensive array of label shots and rare photographs will ensure That’s It! is welcomed by all collectors of quality 60s soul. Compilation and notes by Tony Rounce. Issued on Kent CDTOP2 476.