with Special Guests the Mayfield Singers & Players

  1. The Fascinations - Girls Are Out to Get You
  2. The Fascinations - You'll Be Sorry
  3. The Fascinations - I'm So Lucky
  4. The Fascinations - Such A Fool
  5. The Fascinations - I'm In Love
  6. The Fascinations - O.K. For You
  7. The Fascinations - I Can't Stay Away From You
  8. The Fascinations - Say It Isn't So (Take Four)
  9. The Fascinations - Say It Isn't So (Take Eight)
  10. The Fascinations - Just Another Reason
  11. The Fascinations - Hold On
  12. The Fascinations - Trusting In You
  13. The Fascinations - Crazy
  14. The Mayfield Singers - I've Been Trying
  15. The Mayfield Singers - If
  16. The Mayfield Players - If-strumental
  17. The Mayfield Players - Still Trying
  18. The Mayfield Players - Don't Start None
  19. The Mayfield Players - Little Bird
  20. The Mayfield Players - Lucky
  21. The Mayfield Players - Foolish One
  22. The Mayfield Players -So Sorry
  23. The Mayfield Players - Out To Get'Cha
All tracks taken from the Curtis Mayfield record label MAYFIELD. Some tracks have not been issued before and include all the Fascinations singles from the late sixties. The instrumentals by the Mayfield Players are impressive, "Don't Start None" is a gem. Several other nice backing tracks, together with an informative booklet and very nice images of the Fascinations. Issued on Sequel NEM CD 881