Northern Soul
  1. Jimmy Ruffin - He Who Picks A Rose
  2. Frank Wilson - Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)
  3. Earl Van Dyke - 6 X 6
  4. Terry Callier - Look At Me Now
  5. The Supremes - Stormy
  6. Al Kent - The Way You've Been Acting (Vocal version)
  7. Dee Dee Warwick - Worth Every Tear I cry
  8. The Charades - Key To Happiness
  9. Sisters Love - Learning To Trust A Man
  10. Tony Clarke - Landslide
  11. The Contours - Baby Hit And Run
  12. The Originals - Suspicion
  13. Jerry Bultler - Moody Woman
  14. Bobby Hebb - Love Love Love
  15. Edwin Starr - Back Street
  16. The Flamingos - The Boogaloo Party
  17. Don Covay - It's Better To Have (And Don't Have)
    It's a pity they have started to duplicate tracks already issued on other compilations. Three of the 17 tracks can be found on the same label. Having said that all are Northern Soul gems. This is the follow up from Motown Connoisseurs compilation. Great club dance movers by Jimmy Ruffin, Tony Clarke  and Edwin Starr. The very soulful Dee Dee Warwick  "Worth Ever Tear I Cry" which is new to me.  Jerry Butler gives a powerful performance on "Moody Woman", he still remains a very underrated performer. Compiled and Sleeve notes by Richard Searling. Issued on Spectrum  CD 556 827-2.