The One-derful! Collection: M-Pac Records

Various Artists

  1. Willie Parker - I Live the Life I Love
  2. The Accents - New Girl
  3. Ringleaders - All of My Life *
  4. Harold Burrage - Bad Situation *
  5. Dorothy Prince - Hey Mister
  6. Andrew Tibbs - Change of Heart *
  7. Bobby Davis - Damper Down
  8. Maurice Dollison & The Turnkeys - The Earth Worm Pt.1
  9. Willie Parker - Let Me Make It Up to You *
  10. Harold Burrage - Things Ain't What They Used to Be
  11. Ringleaders - I'd Like to Win You Over
  12. Benny Turner - Angel *
  13. Harold Burrage - Mountain of Soul
  14. Stacy Johnson - I Stand Alone
  15. Willie Parker - Never in a Million Years *
  16. Ringleaders - Baby, What Has Happened to Our Love
  17. Big Daddy Simpson - Lonely Man *
  18. The Accents - Do You Need a Good Man
  19. Stacy Johnson - Don't Try to Fool Me
  20. Harold Burrage - Got to Find a Way (Extended Version)
  21. Willie Parker - So Glad *
  22. Benny Turner - Come Back Home
  23. Ringleaders - Let's Start Over
  24. Dorothy Prince - Every Night

M-Pac! records emerged in late 1962 when brothers George and Ernie Leaner added M-Pac! as a sub-label to their One-derful! label. They used a building located at 1827-1829 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago USA. The building still stands today used as a Dental Office...

You can read the fascinating story in the superb 34 page booklet that covers the early years, Northern Soul and all the Artists that worked for the company. Main essay by Robert Puter. With 7 unissued tracks, rare gems this is a must for the collector. This is the third CD in the series and highly recommended. Issued on Secret Stash Records Digibook CD SSR-CD-35.3 USA

* Marks unreleased track