Cheatin' Soul

and the Southern Dream of Freedom

Various Artists

  1. Janet & The Jays - Without A Reason
  2. O.V. Wright - A Nickel And A Nail
  3. Margie Joseph - Never Can You Be
  4. Ann Sexton - I'm His Wife (You're Just A Friend)
  5. George Jackson - My Desires Are Getting The Best Of Me
  6. Joe Tex - I Wanna Be Free
  7. Earl Gaines - Hymn No 5
  8. Bobby Blue Bland - Rockin In The Same Old Boat
  9. Jerry Washington - Right Here
  10. Doris Duke - If She's Your Wife Who Am I
  11. Ann Peebles - Feel Like Breaking UP
  12. Bobby Blue Bland - You Wouldn't Treat A Dog
  13. Clarence Carter - What Was I Supposed To Do
  14. Ruby Andrews - I Don't Wanna Wake Up In The Morning
  15. Sandra Phillips - Some Mother's Son
  16. Jean Stanbacl - The Next Man
  17. Margie Hendrix - Don't Destroy Me
  18. Ann Sexton - I Still Love You
  19. O.V. Wright - I Don't Know Why
  20. Wendy Rene - After Laughter Come Tears
  21. Little Archie - I Am A Carpet
  22. Mickey Murray - East Of Nowhere
  23. Joe Tex - The Love You Save
This collection of mid sixties and early 70's tracks has been put together with loving care by Jonathan Fisher. The theme is Southern Soul and cheatin' tragedies. It is an outstanding collection. It's the way the tracks have been put together not that they are that rare or difficult to find on other CD's. The excellent booklet is in both Deutsch & English. Issued on Trikont US-0337 German.